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Smile With Confidence With Our Dentures

Complete Dentures in Gatineau for a Full Smile

At Centre Dentaire Champlain, our specialist dentists offer patients denture adjustments in Gatineau. The stability and effectiveness of teeth depend significantly on oral health and balance. Periodontal disease, tooth decay, or gingivitis can lead to tooth loss. Failure of braces and displacement of adjacent teeth occurs when one or more teeth are missing.


Over the long term, missing teeth also lead to cavities, inflammation of the bones and gums, and progressive loss of bone structure. Act quickly and make an appointment to take advantage of our dental implant services to fill your missing teeth.

Fixed and Removable Devices

Dentures in Gatineau are artificial devices that replace missing teeth. They can be fixed or removable. The team at Centre Dentaire Champlain offers complete dentures and implant-supported models to help you regain your smile.

Complete Prosthesis

Complete prostheses, commonly called dentures, are used when patients need to replace all the teeth in a jaw. The acrylic support that joins the artificial teeth is placed directly on the gum and remains in place thanks to a suction effect. Complete dentures are, therefore, the last resort for significant cases of tooth loss.

Prosthesis on Implant

Implant-supported dentures are highly appreciated by patients because they increase masticatory efficiency. Implant-supported dentures can be fixed or removable.


Make an appointment at Centre Dentaire Champlain to discover the advantages of our complete and implant-supported dentures in Gatineau.

Very professional service

Very happy with the work I've been getting done , very professional service .

Joshua S.

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Need a Prosthesis?

A wide range of choices are available to you for a solution that brings you comfort and meets your requirements.

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