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745 Aylmer Road, Suite 201

Gatineau, Quebec J9H 0B8

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Orthodontic care in Gatineau

Orthodontics is a medical practice dedicated to treating irregularities in the position of teeth. At Centre Dentaire Champlain, our professional team provides specialized orthodontic care to meet all your dental alignment and orthodontic needs in Gatineau.


Whether it's to correct overgrown upper teeth, a closed bite, tooth spacing, or any other related disorder, our team can help. Our patients of all ages benefit from the expert advice of our qualified orthodontist. Following an initial evaluation, we can suggest orthodontic appliances that are adapted to your teeth.

When Should Your Child See an Orthodontic Specialist?

Many situations can lead to early consultation with a dentist specializing in orthodontics. Sometimes, it is preferable to consult as early as 5 years old - when the baby's teeth are all set. For example, if the child has a gap between the upper or lower incisors (gap teeth), a deviation of the teeth, a significant shift between the upper and lower jaws, or a lack of space leading to overlapping teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

At Centre Dentaire Champlain, you can still correct the positioning of your teeth thanks to the orthodontic service in Gatineau. In addition to children and teenagers, this treatment applies to adults who wish to correct the defects of their teeth.


We offer Invisalign, an alternative to traditional braces designed to correct dental irregularities and which revolutionizes the field of cosmetic dentistry. Invisalign is a transparent, discreet, comfortable, and custom-made dental appliance that you must wear by following the instructions given by the dentist.

What Problems Can Be Solved With Orthodontic Treatment?

Regardless of your age, your orthodontist can help you correct many dental problems:


  • A horizontal overbite (when the upper teeth are too far forward)

  • A closed bite (when the upper teeth cover the lower teeth too much)

  • Negative horizontal overbite (when the upper teeth are behind the lower teeth)

  • A gap (when there is a gap between the upper and lower teeth even when the jaw is closed)

  • A gap between the teeth

  • Teeth misalignment

  • Overlapping teeth

How to Take Care of Your Braces?

To preserve your braces avoid biting on food or hard objects, like ice cubes. Avoid bad habits like nail biting as much as possible! Sticky foods should also be avoided (chewing gum, candy, etc.). Your orthodontist will give you many tips on how to care for your appliances. Your orthodontist can explain how to replace elastics and protruding wires.

Very sweet and professional

Thank you Dr.Gagnon ! She removed my wisdom teeth , she did it so well without pain and she was very sweet , I am usually very nervous at dentist but she explain all to me and let me be calm , very professional thank you again

Louba H. - 08/06/2022

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Dental Alignment Correction

Whether it's Invisalign or traditional braces, we offer a personalized service that meets your expectations.

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