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Find Invisalign Solutions at Your Dentist in Gatineau

What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign system is the result of an essential advancement in the field of orthodontics. It is a tooth alignment appliance that dentists and orthodontists increasingly recommend. It is entirely transparent and is custom-made according to patients' needs. Invisalign is available in Gatineau by the Centre Dentaire Champlain, a team of specialists who understand the importance of your smile!

Adapted to Your Lifestyle

The Invisalign system fits your busy lifestyle! Not only will you see a difference faster than with traditional aligner treatments, but you'll also benefit from the comfort and efficiency of braces that are designed and manufactured to fit your oral morphology. In addition, the technology used in these appliances allows you to enjoy greater dental mobility throughout the day.

The Advantages of the Invisalign System

A More Discreet Appliance

Metal braces can cause social discomfort for some people and make eating more difficult because of food that gets stuck. Invisalign is discreet, transparent and allows you to eat a wider variety of foods in peace.

Be More Comfortable

When your orthodontist places metal braces, they have to stay in place until they are removed - and that can sometimes be a long time! Invisalign aligners can be easily removed according to the instructions given to you, for example, drinking and eating.

Avoid Oral Injuries

Conventional braces are made of metal wires that can hurt or scratch the inside of your mouth. This is not the case with aligners. In addition, they do not use the same force to align the teeth and do not contribute to the formation of cavities.

The Treatment Lasts Less Time

It's simple: Invisalign treatment straightens teeth faster than metal braces. While it can sometimes take up to 5 years to obtain satisfactory results, the transparent appliance allows you to do the same work in 1 to 2 years.

Precision and Efficiency

Thanks to technological advances, Invisalign treatment is more precise and relies on computerized models to calculate treatment time. In contrast, metal wire alignment can require several adjustments that are unnecessary, increasing treatment time. 

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How to Take Care of Your Dental Appliance?

To keep your aligners in good condition, you should remove them as much as possible when you drink or eat, unless you drink water. Also, follow up regularly with your specialist. Finally, floss and brush your teeth after every meal and snack before putting your dental appliance back on!

For more details on Invisalign treatment in Gatineau or to make an appointment with a specialist at Clinique Dentaire Champlain, contact us!

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